Busy Night

Busy Night

Ross Collins

HB ISBN UK 0-7475-5239-8
HB ISBN US 1-58234-750-6
PB ISBN UK 0-7475-6117-6

Ben reluctantly goes to bed where he tries desperately to go to sleep! But he is distracted by the arrival of the sandman, the tooth fairy, two ghosts, Father Christmas (he's been tricked by the elves - it's the summer!) and even a thing under the bed. Imagine the chaos and noise. What will Ben do? Read and enjoy this very wild and quirky picture book with lots and lots of child power.

Winner of the White Raven Award

Busy Night

"This is one of the funniest books on going to bed that I have seen" The Children's Bookseller

"Collins' "What if?" premise is hilarious... In addition to having their funny bones tickled, readers will admire Ben's nonchalant bravery in the face of things that go bump in the night." Publishers Weekly

"Busy Night is a funny and quirky story for children aged four and up. Children will love the unexpected element to this story and Collins also effectively turns each stereotype on its head. The illustrations complement the writing with flawless attention to detail and excellent use of space, colour and humour throughout. Ben ultimately sends the night-time visitors packing, conveying a very important message to youngsters-that anyone has the power to banish those night-time fears." Amazon Review

Busy Night Busy Night Busy Night

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