Where Giants Hide

Where Giants Hide

Mij Kelly

Hodder Children's Books
HB ISBN: 978-0340959992

I went hunting for giants. I searched far and wide.
They're bigger than houses. So WHERE do they hide?

A sceptical little girl goes for a stroll. She doesn't believe in trolls, mermaids, goblins, fairies, unicorns, giants or any of that baloney. But maybe, if she tried a little bit harder she'd see the magic that is right under her nose. A wonderful celebration of childhood magic and dreams.

"The mass of detail in the illustration will make this book a firm favourite to share with a small child; there's just so much to talk about..." School Librarian

There's lots to enjoy in Where Giants Hide. It's simple and short enough to be understood by little 'uns, but is sophisticated enough that they'll still enjoy it as they get a little older too.
Ross Collins' illustrations... have a modern freshness - and lots of energy. The red, teal and yellow colour palette is very striking and works brilliantly without feeling forced. As more and more craziness is going on behind the little girl's back, he really lets his hair down. The pages are a delight to pore over.
If you love magic, adventure and humour (and who doesn't?) then you'll have a super time with Where Giants Hide. Well worth a look."
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Where Giants Hide Where Giants Hide Where Giants Hide Where Giants Hide

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