Ross Collins

Barrington Stoke
PB ISBN: 978-1781123928


Whenever there's a pong, poo or puddle that can't be explained, Norman and Ringo are the hounds that take the blame. Determined to exploit their status for profit, Blamehounds Inc. is soon in business and dogs the world over are admitting responsibility for accidents, eruptions and even the occasional war. How could it possibly go wrong?

Barrington Stoke's high quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for children of all reading abilities.

"Brilliant. Girls and boys will love the story and it's just the sort of book which is going to encourage the newly independent reader." The Bookbag

"A stonking opening line sets the tone for a wickedly funny tale, clever, of our time, joyous and with a sprinkling of naughtiness. Super illustrations full of energy. Everything you could possibly hope for in a book that will get kids enthusiastically excited about reading." Goodreads

Blamehounds Blamehounds

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