Ross Collins

Barrington Stoke
ISBN-10: 1781121915
ISBN-13: 978-1781121917

Hal is determined to get to the bottom of his terrifying cheesemares in this hilarious comedy for younger readers. He is convinced there is a sinister connection between his delicious cheesy snacks and the horrible nightmares he keeps having.

Hal and his fat dog Rufus set off on a mission to solve the mystery of the cheesemares once and for all, but will they ever escape from the horrors that await them in The Evil House of Cheese and from the grasp of Contessa Von Udderstein?

Barrington Stoke specialise in books for reluctant and dyslexic readers so quality cream paper and a special easy-to-read font ensure a smooth read for all. Oh...and did we mention the Glow-in-the-Dark cover?

"The story is laugh-out-loud funny, the prose is sharp and witty, and the illustrations are brilliant, with the expressions on the face of Rufus the fat dog worth reading the book for on their own. Absolutely loved it!" KidsReadBooks

"Edam good read - this could brie the book of the year!" The Goudain

"A fun story with hilarious illustrations much more fun than most books designed to support literacy." The Bookbag

Cheesemares Cheesemares Cheesemares Cheesemares

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