Six Storey House

Six Storey House

Geraldine McCaughrean

PB ISBN 0-340-91109-3

Six Storey House stands in it's little garden like a potted palm: tall and thin and brownly dusty. Once, a single family lived there... now each floor has a different address: Flats 1 to 6, Six Storey House.

The occupants of Six Storey House live separate little lives, until young Dexi - and a bout of chickenpox - turn things upside down.

Six Storey House Six Storey House

"Geraldine McCaughrean's quirky story gets to the emotional heart of a big, old house and... the people who live there." The Guardian

"Poignant, original and funny... This book is a triumph of wit, warmth and careful composition." TES

"Six Storey House... stands in a place between logic and imagination, where the enjoyment of language is king." The Sunday Times

Six Storey House

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